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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The "simple" way to do things.

Who wants to make play lists or keep an alarm clock when you have your laptop with you 23/24 hours each day?

Say I want to find all the songs with bach or mozart in the title and loop through them. This (somewhat long) one-liner will do the trick:

echo `find ./ -name '*[B|b]ach*' -o -name '*[M|m]ozart*' | xargs -I song echo "'song'"` | xargs mplayer -loop 0

(substitute mplayer with your favorite command line music player) There is probably a shorter way of accomplishing the same thing. If you find such a way, please post it!

Setting an alarm is much simpler. If you want to get up in 8 hours,

bash-3.00$ bc
bash-3.00$ sleep 28800 && mplayer Shared/George\ Michael\ wham\ -\ wake_me_up_before_you_go_go.mp4

If you have a more regular sleep schedule (but then, why would you be reading this?) you may find setting up a cron job to play a song more useful.


atar said...

under linux you can just say

sleep 8h &&

Brandon Barker said...

Thanks, didn't know about the option for handling units in sleep.