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Sunday, September 27, 2009

If you are trying to build libSBML, you may run into a problem similar to this.
As the post seems to indicate, building gcc with --disable-concept-checks should fix the problem. This is the case for libSBML. It seems that disabled concept checks may be the default for gcc; I am not sure why my gcc build had them enabled originally (I suppose it is a good idea if you only have to worry about your own code).

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monitor hardware faults in Solaris

I found the following script:

which makes use of Solaris' FMA service (Fault Management):

Really, it would be nice to have email notifications set up and easily configurable. I didn't want to mess with syslog-ng, as I wasn't sure where to start (I certainly didn't want everything it finds emailed to me).

As always, you'll want to test that your mail gets past SPAM filters - you can do this with mailx from the command line. I edited the script to use mailx -r my_reply_address to keep it consistent with my testing (since gmail initially did mark my tests as spam). I also tested the script in VirtualBox to verify that it works when a hard drive that is part of a zpool goes missing.